Questions for Charleston Comprehensive Plan Engagement Session

Breakout Session 1: Communities and Land Use

  • Affordable housing: How is the issue of housing affordability impacting your neighborhood?
  • Land use planning and resilience: Resilience is a broad term. In comprehensive planning it can apply to how we think about flooding, natural resources, climate emissions, food security, and more. What does resilience mean for you? What steps can the City take to increase our resilience?
  • Transportation: Where do you see the greatest need for improved bicycle/pedestrian safety in the City of Charleston?

Breakout Session 2: Conservation and Historic Preservation

  • Development: How would you like to see development patterns and building practices change for the next 10 years of growth in the City?
  • Historic Preservation: Would you be interested in options to better recognize or protect historic areas outside of downtown Charleston?
  • Conservation of Natural Resources/Greenbelt: Poll: How would you like to see the City dedicate its portion of the Charleston County Greenbelt program funding?
    • a. many small urban pocket parks
    • b. large open spaces of conserved land around the Urban Growth Boundary to help prevent sprawl
    • c. conservation of culturally significant properties
    • d. conservation of properties vulnerable to flooding and threatened by development

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