Water Resources


Water Resources

South Carolina is home to precious natural resources that may be plentiful but are not infinite. One such example of this is our water. Whether groundwater or surface water, our state has experienced periods of drought. We’ve seen rivers drop and aquifers lower. We’ve also felt the impacts of pollutants in our water. Since we’re no stranger to water resource threats, ensuring that we have safe and plentiful water is essential to our health, economy, wildlife, and quality of life.

The Coastal Conservation League is working on ways to protect our water resources from excess use or withdrawal. Responsible management of our groundwater and surface water is needed as population grows and industry booms. Beyond protecting water quantity, we have to be mindful of water quality, ensuring that it’s clean for our own use and recreation. You can help too. Please click the tab above to sign up and receive communications about ways to support these efforts and get involved.

Click here to learn about the League’s work on groundwater withdrawal and surface water withdrawal. Feeling more curious about water quality issues? Check out our work on plastic pollution.

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