South Carolina’s State Energy Plan

In 2016, the South Carolina Energy Office initiated an ambitious but vitally important project: creation of the first-ever comprehensive energy plan for the Palmetto State. A state energy plan can serve as a key roadmap for policy and regulatory decisions and ensure that our energy system is affordable and reliable, and maximizes environmental quality, consumer choice, and business competitiveness.

The State Energy Plan authorizing statute requires the South Carolina Energy Office to create a Plan that maximizes environmental quality, energy conservation, and efficiency while minimizing costs. The Plan must encourage energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy resources. The Plan extends to “any future energy strategy that promotes carbon-free, non-greenhouse gas emitting sources,” and must include “nuclear energy, renewable resources, and energy conservation and efficiency.” The plan must recommend long-term energy goals and measures of progress and detail any obstacles to energy efficiency and any appropriate legislative, regulatory, or other governmental remedies to those obstacles.

Conservation League staff served on the State Energy Plan steering committee and several issue committees in 2016, and participated in public meetings held statewide to discuss the Plan. Upcoming work on the State Energy Plan will examine areas of opportunity to enhance state policies on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other key topics. With stronger renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives combined with innovative customer options, like on-bill financing and community solar programs, South Carolina can create a State Energy Plan that maximizes clean energy deployment in our state and also lowers energy bills for consumers.


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