Landowner Outreach

The League is working to educate rural landowners on sustainable uses for their land. We have embarked on a partnership with the Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation’s “Sustainable Forestry Program” to educate landowners about sustainable and profitable ways to work, and keep their land. The Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation works with landowners to maintain title on their land. Heir’s Property refers to land that is passed down through families without the benefit of a legal will. This makes the land especially susceptible to development because a single heir can force a sale without the consent of the entire family.

The Center’s Sustainable Forestry African American Land Retention Program provides landowners with education and technical assistance to not only keep their land, but make a profit from it via forestry. The League is joining efforts with the Center to add sustainable agriculture to their toolkit. By working the land, these families will be able to profit off of their land, and therefore be less vulnerable to development. We are hoping to educate landholders on the steps to participating in the local food system and connect them with the resources to do so. Ideally, this partnership will keep small landholders on their land, provide economic opportunities in rural areas and maintain a rural landscape into the future.

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