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Lady’s Island future development


Lady’s island is a beautiful 13,000-acre island.  It can be a connected community where residents can live, work and play.  To accomplish this, we believe future development should be compact and include a mix of land uses,  transportation should be connected and available to the bicyclist or pedestrian, and that open space along the waterfront and rural areas should be valued.

The latest in community plans:  a subcommittee, staffed by city and county planning staff, consultant Greg Dale of Clarion Associates, including the Coastal Conservation League and others, is reviewing the comprehensive development plan for Lady’s Island.  The goal of the subcommittee is to review the capacity for growth and recommend various growth management strategies that will help Lady’s Island grow and flourish according to the community vision.

A public meeting will be held at Beaufort High School on April 18 from 5-7 to discuss progress to date. 

Designing Lady’s Island:  In February 2017, we co-hosted a forum “Designing a Future for Lady’s Island” with the Sea Island Corridor Coalition.  Over 400 residents joined us to discuss the future of our community.   Using feedback from the forum, we created a summary report, available here.

The report recommends five guiding principles for future planning and development. These guiding principles will serve as resources for residents, developers, and elected officials to assess, guide, and evaluate future growth.

This type of participatory, proactive visioning unifies all of us around a common goal: To create a stronger future for our community that honors our unique pride of place. By agreeing where we want to be, we can effectively preempt ill-conceived development in the future.

  • Inspired Development: Inspired, functional patterns of development within the developed areas of Lady’s Island that support small businesses, new residents and community interaction.
  • Connected Transportation: An integrated transportation network that includes bicycles, pedestrians and cars and allows for future public transit.

  • Character Enhancement: Retention of the Island’s character and support that advances a vibrant rural community with healthy farms, wetlands and waterways.
  • Sunlight & Predictability: A fully transparent, predictable development process and plan for future growth that is collaborative across jurisdictional boundaries.

  • Community Involvement: A concerned, educated and engaged citizenry that works toward solutions alongside experts and elected officials.


Transportation news:

Development returning to Lady’s Island has prompted a review of our roads and infrastructure. (Read more about the tree ordinance and other land use policies, like the Beaufort Code, here.)

  • The City of Beaufort has recently completed a traffic study, which recommends connecting existing streets and neighborhoods, and creating new connections where appropriate.

By reconnecting existing surface streets, drivers can avoid choke points on congested streets that are meant to be used as throughways. These connected secondary streets give drivers traveling locally more opportunities to get off the main roads. This enables commuters to more easily travel throughout the region. Parallel streets also encourage access to businesses and residents on more sides, eliminating blank building facades, creating more pedestrian access and creating more vibrant places.



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