CCL at the State House

From CCL’s office across Gervais Street from the State House in Columbia, our legislative staff advocates at the State House for laws and policies that protect the natural landscapes, abundant wildlife, clean water, and quality of life here in South Carolina.

For Spring 2016, here are our priorities at the State House:

  1. Pass Transportation Reform
  2. Save Captain Sams Spit
  3. Protect the Coastal Zone Management Act
  4. Fund the Conservation Bank
  5. Save the Automatic Stay
  6. Defend the Pollution Control Act
  7. Maintain DHEC Board Authority
  8. Support the Clean Power Plan
  9. Stand up for Our Coast Against Offshore Drilling
  10. Support Local Food

We’ll need your help.

How can you get involved? First, know your legislator.  Second, email, write, or call your legislator’s office to let them know that you are a constituent that you support conservation. Sign up for action alerts from the Conservation League, and we’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening at the State House. Third, check out your legislators on social media. Many are active on Facebook and Twitter, and use those tools to communicate with constituents.

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