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A Boundary Street for Beaufort

Boundary Street is the unofficial entrance to the City of Beaufort: it should be representative of the compact, well-planned, and water-bound city we love.

Federal and local transportation funds have been secured for the first stage of Boundary street redevelopment plans. This will allow the City of Beaufort to rebuild Boundary Street with a center median and pedestrian infrastructure, reducing the speed of cars on Boundary Street, and removing overhead utility lines. Eventually, a parallel street will be built to provide alternate access to businesses and attractions on Boundary Street. On the side closest to Battery Creek, the viewshed will be enhanced through strategic property acquisition and a multi-use path.

The Conservation League supports this new street design. Better street structure and form, the parallel network of streets, pedestrian infrastructure and viewshed improvements will enhance the Boundary Street corridor. This will support the type of compact, infill and redevelopment that is fitting with the entrance to a town.

Compare this to the automobile dependent sprawl development of “Anywhere USA”, where drive-thrus and strip commercial buildings abound. The Conservation League will work to ensure this is not the case in Beaufort. Beaufort County has adopted and the City of Beaufort is drafting a form-based zoning code, that regulates the form of development rather than only the use.  This type of zoning addresses how the building meets the street and the pedestrian environment. Proper use of form-based codes will allow for suitable infill development, accommodating Beaufort city growth in an efficient manner.

The Conservation League encourages the City of Beaufort to execute the transportation component of their Boundary Street redevelopment according to the master plan. The Conservation League will work with the City and other stakeholders to ensure the viewshed and pedestrian improvements and the essential zoning support the transportation network of streets. This is an opportunity for great infill and re-development to improve the entrance to our city. Follow along!

Read more on the City’s website here.  And read about the complimentary zoning and draft form based code, here. 


Image source: City of Beaufort

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