2015 Charleston Mayoral Race

Most recently, the League has met with Mayor Tecklenburg’s advisers regarding cruise ships and comprehensive Union Pier development, safe pedestrian enhancements at key intersections on the peninsula, and continued revision of the Gathering Place ordinance. We are working on an expanded coalition of community and advocacy groups.


From the campaign cycle of 2015:

Mayoral Interviews

For the first time in 40 years, Charlestonians elected a new mayor. The Coastal Conservation League invited all of the mayoral candidates to be interviewed in hopes of learning how they plan to incorporate conservation into their work as mayor. We had the pleasure of interviewing Ginny Deerin, William Dudley Gregorie, Toby Smith, John Tecklenburg, and Maurice Washington. Leon Stavrinakis declined our invitation to participate.

Each candidate answered the same questions on five topics that relate to our work in the Charleston area, and the interview clips are arranged by topic: Urban Growth and Development, Transportation, the Cruise Industry, Climate Adaptation, and Energy: Offshore Drilling and Renewable Resources. We hope you enjoy getting to know the candidates better and find the videos to be helpful in making an informed voting decision in November.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Coastal Conservation League is prohibited from engaging in any activities that support or oppose electoral candidates. These unbiased videos are for educational purposes only. We offered the same opportunity to all of the candidates.

View Candidate Responses on the Following Issues:


Urban Growth and Development












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