North Coast Plastics

The Coastal Conservation League is working within our community to reduce plastic pollution on the North Coast.

Beyond the impacts to marine life, the North Coast region is also home to a bustling tourism industry. Unsightly plastic pollution along our roadways, on our beaches, and in our water threaten this. Residents and visitors alike shouldn’t have to spend time cleaning up plastic litter when they could enjoy a healthy community to begin with — plus, who wants to worry about microplastics in their seafood?

Surfside Beach

In late 2017, Surfside Beach began considering a policy tool similar to that of other coastal areas: a single-use plastic bag ban. In early 2018, the community was the first on the North Coast to pass their plastics ordinance, citing their interest in being an example for other towns. We applaud Surfside leadership for taking this step and commend the impassioned community members — both residents and businesses, who came out in support of the ordinance.

North Myrtle Beach Passes Plastic Ordinance

After years of persistent community advocacy, North Myrtle Beach on April 15 passed a ban on single-use plastic bags. The ban takes effect January 1, 2021, for this city of just over 16,000 residents. The NMB mayor says the city will now focus its efforts on educating the public and encouraging hotels, realtors and other entities to notify residents and tourists of the transition. North Myrtle Beach is the second municipality in Horry County to enact a ban on plastic. Surfside Beach banned single-use plastic bags in 2018.

We can do our share: What it means after North Myrtle Beach voted to ban plastic bags

The City of Georgetown Creates a Community Task Force for Plastic Education

Georgetown City Council has created a community task force charged with educating citizens about the harmful effects of pollution both to humans and the environment. The task force led the Conservation League and Keep Georgetown Beautiful, will oversee a five-month education campaign. Council will receive a report at the conclusion of the project and at that time determine their next steps.

Horry County Solid Waste Authority

One local and vocal opponent to the harms of plastic pollution has continued to stand out among the rest: our very own Horry County Solid Waste Authority. Care to hear what they have to say? Check out these articles:

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A new Chinese policy could mean problems for our landfill. But plastic bag bans help

Do you live on the North Coast and are you interested in reducing plastic pollution? Talk to us! We’d love to work with you to help protect our communities from harmful plastic pollution.

Erin Hardwick Pate · [email protected] · 843.545.0403

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