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A Word from the Warehouse – August 2017

by Andy Hollis

On hot August days in the warehouse, it can be easy to get stuck in the daily grind. We arrive before sunrise, listen to voicemails left the night before, answer emails, jot down orders and load vans for delivery. Forklifts run, phones ring, customers drop in. Wash, rinse, dry, repeat.

It can be tough to pause and remember why we put in the work. But, thank goodness for the farmers. Every day, growers bring us fruits and vegetables they’ve planted, watched and harvested from start to finish. They share stories about their kids, crops and goats. We learn if they’ve gotten too much or not enough rain. We learn the secret cure for wounds, ailments and hair loss. Pssssst. It’s a mason jar of jalapeno vinegar, seriously. This week at the warehouse, we watched Nancy Rathbun, co-owner of Brickyard Point Farms in Beaufort, convince a local chef to try a few of her famous Driveway Pears, which grow from trees leading to the family farm’s front door.

In these little moments of conversation, we’re reminded of our larger mission: connecting small South Carolina farmers to our thriving local food movement. We want these farmers to keep farming, and we’re so proud to be part of that every day. You can read more about how we cultivate connections in the latest issue of the Conservation League’s newsletter here.

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Featured Story

Tiger Corner Farms produces full-scale, aeroponic crops in recycled shipping containers

Seeing an opportunity to put collaboration before competition, GrowFood General Manager Sara Clow connected Matt Daniels, a systems engineer, to Tiger Corner Farms (TCF). The Summerville-based farm practices aeroponics, growing plants in recycled shipping containers using only air and mist. TCF’s team comprises techies and a former educator, who are using software to perfect growing practices and later share info with other farmers. One container on the farm is entirely dedicated to donations, including food for the aquarium’s marine residents.

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Butter Bean Succotash

Succotash is a Southern comfort dish. In this recipe, fresh, green butter beans are easily combined with corn, summer squash, shell peas and bright red pepper.

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"Diversity creates harmony, and harmony creates beauty, balance, bounty, and peace in nature and society, in agriculture and culture, in science and in politics."

– Vandana Shiva

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