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This Week's News, June 12th

by Andy Hollis

With recent changes to the policies governing solar energy in South Carolina, investments in this clean energy technology are expected to grow.

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South Carolina’s offshore wind potential also received recognition from the legislature this year. A resolution was adopted touting the state’s large offshore wind resource and the economic opportunities it represents.

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What will it cost to address carbon pollution in the US? The Rocky Mountain Institute puts even the most exaggerated predictions in perspective.

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Energy Efficiency Spotlight 

The term “death spiral” is trending in the utility world as fears of profits losses proliferate in the face of increased rooftop solar deployment and advancements in energy efficiency technologies. But a new report from ACEEE argues these fears are misplaced and the coming changes manageable.

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Climate Change News

New rules to limit carbon pollution from existing coal plants have received a lot of attention over the past week. Although some interest groups have criticized the limits as being overly restrictive, the reality is that this rule creates flexibility for state’s to clean up their power supply in ways that benefit public health and the economy.

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