Tuesday, February 11, 2014 News

This Week's News, February 11th

by Andy Hollis

The City of Charleston has passed a resolution urging the South Carolina Legislature to enact policies that advance solar and other renewable energy resources. The resolution specifically mentions the current solar leasing legislation (S.536/H.3425) now before the senate and house.

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The state legislature took one step forward and one step back on solar energy last week as the Senate Finance Committee passed improved incentives for commercial solar installations while placing an expiration date on current residential solar incentives. The SC Public Service Commission also heard proposals on how Duke Energy could save their customers money by incorporating solar into plans for a new natural gas plant.

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At the urging of conservation groups, South Carolina utilities have begun cleaning up coal ash storage facilities around the state. Recent news out of North Carolina involving a major coal ash spill at a Duke Energy site reinforces the importance of addressing these ticking time bombs.

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As the amount of nuclear waste stored in South Carolina continues to increase, plans for long-term storage have failed to materialize.

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As the southeast prepares to get slammed with another blast of winter weather, it isn’t unusual to hear confused statements about the role climate change plays in these events. Thankfully, we have people like local weatherman Jim Gandy to explain the difference between weather and climate.

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