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South Coast Newsletter: December

by Emmi Palenbaum

Season’s Greetings from the South Coast Office of the Coastal Conservation League. In this December newsletter, we’ll discuss Jasper County’s comprehensive plan updates, and also talk about wintertime fishing in the Lowcountry! 

Learn more about strategies Jasper County is considering to protect its wildlife and natural resources–and stay tuned for the hottest conservation fishing tips! 


Jasper’s Journey Kicks Off with Donnelly Grant  

Back in the summer of 2023, Jasper County adopted a moratorium on certain development along the Broad River in the Euhaw-Broad River Planning Area. This moratorium would not have been possible without the strong push from the community. 

The pause on development in this sensitive landscape, extending to March of 2024, presents an exciting opportunity to update the comprehensive plan, improve rural zoning, and update the future land use map. 

On October 30th, the Conservation League participated in the Jasper County’s Master Plan Community Workshop where participants were asked to envision the future of their county, discuss priorities, and strategize solutions. 

Common themes emerged from break-out groups, like the importance of saving rural parts of Jasper County and its historic communities. Strategies discussed during the meeting included protecting cemeteries and cultural sites; safeguarding waterways, wetlands, and wildlife crossings; and conserving tree canopy. Stakeholders also highlighted the importance of regional cooperation and planning to avoid sprawl, and a need for improved infrastructure to handle growth pressures. 

 This November, the Conservation League received a grant funding from the Donnelly Foundation to support these efforts and more in Jasper County. The League is partnering with Lowcountry Land Trust, Open Land Trust, Open Space Institute, The Nature Conservancy, Trust for Public Land, Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation, and Ducks Unlimited.   

The coalition is working on a collaborative conservation strategy to continue to empower citizen participation in local planning, protect critical lands and water resources, foster community identity, and inspire generational investment in Jasper County.  

The County continues to work on the 5-year updates to its comprehensive plan. We encourage all Jasper County residents to participate in this important process to have a say in shaping the community’s future. A survey is accessible here. Be on the lookout for more updates and meeting announcements regarding this important work! 


The Winter Fishing Report 

Jasper County’s pristine waterways make it a sportsman’s paradise. Did you know that Jasper County has seven boat landings? Plus, there are also opportunities for folks to fish from the shore such as Knowles Island Fishing Pier –located within the Euhaw Broad River Planning Area.  

The holiday season is an excellent time to explore these waterways and “sight fish” for big schools of redfish. The clearer water makes it easier to spot large schools of fish and then cast to them with a fly or an artificial lure. The schooling behavior in the winter safeguards redfish from dolphins.  

While groups of 100+ redfish are not uncommon, winter redfish are notoriously “spooky.” So, a successful day of winter fishing requires stealth and patience to avoid alarming the quarry!  

Land protection and conservation along the Euhaw Broad River area will help ensure the long-term viability of this unique fishery for future generations to come. Before you hit the water, check out some tips for conservation-minded fishing.




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