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Senate Bill 927: Shoreline Bill Carried Over in Subcommittee

by Emily Cedzo

Wednesday, January 31: S. 927 was voted to carry over to the next Subcommittee meeting. We await the date of this meeting.

  • After hearing public testimony, subcommittee members agreed that S. 927 will require necessary amendments before the bill will be passed out to the Senate floor.
  • We hope to see significant improvements that will maintain a non-seaward baseline for SC taxpayers and provide clarity for the many tasks DHEC would have to undertake. Ultimately, we are hopeful that S. 927 will align closely with the newly amended H. 4683.
  • Please contact your Senator and the Senate Committee now to stop this coastal rollback bill. You can find their office line here or use our form to send an email.


Wednesday, January 24: We learned that the bill will be reviewed by a Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee on Wednesday, January 31. 

  • If approved, S. 927 will move to the full Committee for a vote as early as Thursday.

S. 927 rolls back the landmark 2016 Shoreline Management Bill and eliminates a baseline that would never move more seaward. It attempts to redefine a primary dune, prohibits surveying within one year of a storm, and requires DHEC to consider “long term commitments” to beach renourishment in their methodology. In doing so, S. 927 incentivizes risky development closer to active beach, limiting public use and access, and resulting in more expensive, more frequent nourishment and taxpayer bailouts.

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