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Statement on the Trump Administration’s plans to replace the Clean Power Plan

by Diane Knich

Coastal Conservation League
Press Statement

August 21, 2018

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CHARLESTON, S.C.—In a statement today responding to the Trump Administration’s plans to replace significant climate change policy, the federal Clean Power Plan, and revive heavy-polluting industry, Coastal Conservation League Executive Director Laura Cantral said:

South Carolinians deserve better from Washington. We feel the effects of a changing climate like hotter summers and more frequent flooding. The Trump Administration should follow the law and strengthen public health protections on coal-burning power plants, not turn back the clock with industry giveaways.

The work of the Conservation League has never been more important. We are committed to supporting solar and wind in South Carolina, and more efficient energy equipment and technology. These things will make us more competitive, contribute to a healthy environment and communities, and are the fastest pathway to progress on climate change.



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