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Statement on Catherine Heigel’s resignation from DHEC

by Alan Hancock

Press Statement

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CHARLESTON, SC – In response to Catherine Heigel’s announcement today of her resignation, Coastal Conservation League Executive Director Dana Beach issued the following statement: 

DHEC is an important state agency charged with protecting the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink. Catherine Heigel was a strong leader and an honest broker who took DHEC’s mission seriously.

She focused on making DHEC more effective at protecting the public health and the environment, as we saw with her leadership on the Pinewood toxic waste dump clean up, on enforcing state laws that protect our beaches from unwise development, and on ensuring that DHEC has the resources to monitor if our rivers and beaches are fishable and swimmable. 

Governor Henry McMaster should appoint a qualified and reputable director to replace her. The DHEC Board, appointed by Governor Nikki Haley, consistently acts on behalf of out-of-state developers, and the next Director should continue Catherine Heigel’s leadership in standing up for the public interest and and for DHEC’s professional staff. 

Governor McMaster should also fill the vacancies on the DHEC Board with South Carolinians who understand that our state values conservation.

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