Thursday, July 20, 2017 GrowFood Newsletter

A Word from the Warehouse – July 2017

by Andy Hollis

Layered in a warm pie.
Freshly sliced and sprinkled with salt.
Diced and tossed in a bright, spicy salsa.
Stuck between two pieces of white bread and Duke’s mayonnaise.

At the warehouse, all we’re dreaming about and seeing are tomatoes. We’re in the thick of the crop’s season, and our pallets are piled high with juicy red, green and yellow tomatoes. Every tomato is a different shape, size and flavor. We like them that way.

A study caught our eye this month that tries to explain why identical tomatoes at big grocery stores taste so bland. New research suggests that commercial growers fussed with the fruit’s genetics to obtain its coveted bright red color, shippable size and shape, and uniform ripening. In doing so, scientists report flavor took a backseat to appearance. You can read more on the study and its findings in this article from the New York Times.

What’s our takeaway? Leave the genetic mutations, labs and uniformity behind. GrowFood Carolina sources a diverse array of tomatoes that are raised with care to maturity in the Lowcountry and most importantly have all the tomato flavor you remember from the good ‘ol days. We don’t sell produce from people we haven’t visited, and we are passionate about crafting connections between you and small farmers. By buying and eating local produce, you put value back into our food system and real food. That’s a better choice for all of us!

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Featured Story

Despite disasters and tough economy, Pee Dee farmers persist

South Carolina farmers haven’t had an easy few years. Droughts, a flood, late freezes and storms like Matthew have upended crop production and farm operations. A recent story in SCNow explores how producers are remaining resilient and innovating to survive. To combat a previous cold snap, Spencer McLeod and his team burned straw and used 40 wind machines to push heat across fields. At GrowFood, we are the agents for the farmers and highlight all of their creative, hard work through the amazing fresh items we sell. We want our community to understand that farmers should be celebrated and thanked with each mouthful.

Read more about McLeod Farms’ creative strategies and good sense here.

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Fresh & Simple Tomato Salsa

Chips and salsa are a primary food group of ours, and we love this back-to-basics salsa recipe from Eat Simple Food. Fresh tomatoes, red onion, peppers and cilantro combine for a bright, easy dip. Like a little heat? We recommend upping the jalapeno!

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Quote of the Month

“Agriculture engenders good sense, and good sense of an excellent kind.”


-Joseph Joubert


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