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A Word from the Warehouse – November 2017

by Andy Hollis
At GrowFood Carolina, Thanksgiving is all about the vegetables. Our favorite dishes hail from seasonal Southern produce: sweet potatoes, a good green bean casserole, roasted butternut squash, garlicky kale, a bright beet salad with goat cheese, peppery arugula, Clemson Blue mac and cheese, chestnut stuffing, and honey (on everything).

This is, by far, the best time of the year to thank and celebrate our farmers and Mother Nature for a bountiful local harvest. Where can you shop for local ingredients? Check out your neighborhood farmers market. Find the Fork at your go-to grocery store. Ask your produce manager to stock up on local goods. Not a cook? Keep it easy and order everything from your favorite restaurant or caterer from start to finish, bird to pecan pie, but try to source from South Carolina farmers.

In fact, this year, we challenge you to craft and enjoy an entirely local Thanksgiving meal. Up for the challenge? Send us a photo of a dish or your table. We’ll share our favorites on Facebook and Instagram.


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Marion meat plant closes near Thanksgiving, threatening poultry business

While we stick to vegetables, this story is a classic example of why GrowFood and hundreds of other food hubs are operating around the country. More and more buyers understand the importance of knowing where their food comes from, and they seek out small, sustainable producers. These producers need shared, stable infrastructure and services to make the local food system work effectively. At GrowFood, our most used hashtag is #wemakelocaleasy. We strive to make it easy for the producers and the buyers because ultimately local food is better for our health, our community and our planet. 

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Kabocha Squash Breakfast Hash

It’s the morning after Thanksgiving, which means you’ve got a fridge full of leftovers. This Kabocha Squash Breakfast Hash is here to help! The easy roasted dish is the perfect combo of savory and sweet. Once complete, we top it with local Lowcountry Creamery crème fraiche.

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Quote of the Month

“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”

– William Blake


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