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Great Interview with Quintin Washington

by Andy Hollis
Folks –

I wanted to follow up with you on Monday’s email from our Board Chair Margot Rose about the transition at the Conservation League and my new role there.  The irrepressible Quintin Washington interviewed me yesterday about those changes.

Quintin covers, much better than I could have done by myself, some of our higher profile projects over the past 27 years and how we expect to continue that work in the future.
That is the subject of the first two thirds of the video.  The last five minutes address the latest twists and turns on the proposed extension of I-526 to John’s Island.  (So you can get the gist of the organizational changes without having to watch the whole thing.)
Take a look at the video below. I think the interview tells the story well.  We have a great team in place.  We are stronger now than we ever have been, and I’m excited about our next chapter.
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