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2015 Charleston Mayoral Race: Urban Growth & Development

by Andy Hollis

Between its historical significance, appealing natural environment, and booming economy, Charleston is one of the most popular places to move and travel to in the world.  In order to keep the “feel” of Charleston it is necessary to preserve the city’s cultural and natural assets. The natural assets include green spaces within the city as well as rural and wetland spaces outside of the city limits. These spaces are important to the lifestyle of residents and attract the tourists who feed the tourist industry. But those spaces are threatened by the rapid growth of Charleston. If not planned and preserved effectively, we could tarnish or even destroy the very same qualities that drew people here in the first place.

We asked the candidates:


What is your vision for development in Charleston?

Would you support expanding the urban growth boundary?

Do you support high density development?

How active will you be in development projects?

What is your stance on WestEdge?


Ginny Deerin

William Dudley Gregorie

Toby Smith

John Tecklenburg

Maurice Washington

For more information about the candidates:

Ginny Deerin– www.ginnydeerin.com
John Tecklenburg–www.tecklenburgformayor.com
Leon Stavrinakis– www.leonformayor.com
Maurice Washington– www.washington4mayor.com
Toby Smith– www.tobysmith.us
William Dudley Gregorie– www.gregorieformayor.com


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