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2015 Charleston Mayoral Race: Transportation

As Charleston grows, how would the mayoral candidates help ease traffic and make the city accessible?

by Andy Hollis

When people come to Charleston, we want them to be amazed and inspired  at the way we have incorporated 21st century transportation into a rich historic city. To accomplish this we need to decongest our roads and use a forward-thinking mentality to prioritize multi-use transportation methods in our road network. The City of Charleston has already been studying existing roads and intersections to make them more functional while simultaneously exploring how it can promote mass transit and bike/pedestrian modes of transport to reduce the number of cars on the road.

We asked the candidates:

What is your vision for transportation in Charleston? 

Which road improvement projects would you prioritize? 

What are you ideas for mass transit?

What are your ideas for bike and pedestrian paths?


Ginny Deerin

William Dudley Gregorie

Toby Smith

John Tecklenburg

Maurice Washington

For more information about the candidates:

Ginny Deerin– www.ginnydeerin.com
John Tecklenburg–www.tecklenburgformayor.com
Leon Stavrinakis– www.leonformayor.com
Maurice Washington– www.washington4mayor.com
Toby Smith– www.tobysmith.us
William Dudley Gregorie– www.gregorieformayor.com


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