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2015 Charleston Mayoral Race: The Cruise Industry

by Andy Hollis

Across the country, local and state governments have adopted regulations to protect their communities from negative externalities related to the cruise ship industry. While idling in our port, cruise ships release pollutants and gluts of tourists into downtown Charleston without paying the City any compensation. We asked the candidates: What are your thoughts on the cruise industry?

Ginny Deerin on the Cruise Industry

William Dudley Gregorie on the Cruise Industry

Toby Smith on the Cruise Industry

John Tecklenburg on the Cruise Industry

Maurice Washington on the Cruise Industry

For more information about the candidates:

Ginny Deerin– www.ginnydeerin.com
John Tecklenburg–www.tecklenburgformayor.com
Leon Stavrinakis– www.leonformayor.com
Maurice Washington– www.washington4mayor.com
Toby Smith– www.tobysmith.us
William Dudley Gregorie– www.gregorieformayor.com


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