Gifts of Stock

Thank you for your support to the Coastal Conservation League.

Please have your broker notify our staff and our broker of pending transfers, including how many shares of which security are being sent:

  • Conservation League Development Director Nancy Appel can be notified by email [email protected] or by phone at 843-723-9895.
  • Gilchrist/Bissell Wealth Management of Raymond James and Associates broker in charge:Harrington Bissell. Please notify Terri Dupavillon of any pending transfers by emailing [email protected] or phone 843-720-3510.

*It is very important for you as the donor to inform your broker to share your personal information with our broker so that we can make sure that your gift is acknowledged in a timely manner.

You may give stock in any of the following three ways.

(1) If the stock is held in a brokerage account, you may transfer stock from your broker to our broker, Harrington Bissell, through the Depository Trust Company (DTC).  This is the easiest method for transferring stock.

The transfer should be made to: DTC Clearing #0725 (Raymond James and Associates) for credit to:  A/C 50785215 in the name of Coastal Conservation League

(2) If you have a stock certificate in your name and wish to donate it, please send the following documents to our broker Terri Dupavillon at the address below:

  • the stock certificate
  • a signed Raymond James and Associates Stock Power (provided by Raymond James and Associates)
  • a signed Letter of Authorization (provided by Raymond James and Associates)

Please send the stock certificate alone via registered mail.  For security purposes the signed stock power and security release should be sent in a separate envelope.

Send to:

Gilchrist/Bissell Wealth Management of Raymond James and Associates & Co., Inc.
FBO Coastal Conservation League- 50785215

360 Concord Street – Suite 210
Charleston SC 29401

EIN #57-0887278

Staff Contact

Nancy Appel · [email protected] · 843.723.9895

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