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Talking Points on proposed Harmony Development

As you are drafting your letter to the Army Corps, consider the following issues that concern us the most regarding this project:

  • The severity of flooding in the Church Creek basin triggered a development moratorium until better storm water and drainage solutions were identified. We argue that no additional residential units should be built until adequate drainage infrastructure is put in place that protects the existing communities within the basin.
  • Hundreds of homes in the Church Creek basin have endured flood damage defined by FEMA as severe repetitive loss over the past several years. Another subdivision should not be built in this area that is so prone to compound flooding. Our local, state and federal governments should be helping to relocate victims from flooding, not aiding in more development in the same low-lying areas.
  • Though this parcel lies within the Urban Growth Boundary, at this point we should be actively conserving the remaining wetlands that exist in our developed urban areas to serve as critical natural infrastructure that helps buffers from existing neighborhoods from flooding.
  • The use of fill material to raise elevation disrupts the land’s natural capacity to absorb water and exacerbates the flooding problem as more housing units and subdivisions continue to go up without a coordinated drainage plan. Therefore, any new development within the floodplain should be constructed with a light imprint that does not hinder the natural functions of the drainage basin.

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