Friday, March 13, 2020 12 p.m.

Santee Cooper & Clean Energy, Webinar

Recently (Tuesday, March 31) we joined our conservation partners for episode 2 of the Conversations with Conservationists, a webinar series, where we talked about how to secure a clean energy future for Santee Cooper.

If you missed episode 2, no worries! Click HERE to catch up!

Why is this meeting important?

Two million South Carolinians directly or indirectly receive electricity from Santee Cooper. Their two coal-burning plants in the coastal plain of South Carolina pump out millions of tons of carbon pollution a year and mercury pollution that settles in the rivers and streams where we swim and fish.


Where does the Conservation League stand?

The Conservation League supports a clean energy future Santee Cooper, and we can get there through more accountability and transparency for decisions about how we generate electricity.


What will I learn from this webinar?

You will hear from Alan Hancock, the Energy and Climate Advocacy Director at the Coastal Conservation League, Rebecca Haynes at Conservation Voters of South Carolina, and Dulia Dietz at Audubon South Carolina on the conservation perspective on the potential sale or reform of Santee Cooper, on the problems with burning coal for electricity and the reforms necessary for a clean energy future.


Missed Episode 1? 

Want to watch our first episode ‘What’s up with offshore drilling?’ You can see all recordings from previous episodes in this series by clicking HERE! 


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