Friday, March 26, 2021

Offshore Drilling, Webinar

Recently (Thursday, March 26) we joined our conservation partners for the first episode of the Conversations with Conservationists, a webinar series, where we talked about how to protect our coast from offshore infrastructure and drilling legislation.

If you missed episode 1, no worries! Click HERE to catch up!

Why is this meeting important?

Five or ten years ago, it was entirely possible for oil and gas drilling off our coast to have started up by now.  But because of advocates like you, we have been winning the battles day by day to protect our waterways from offshore drilling. But, in this video, we will talk what’s been happening in local organizations to lead us to victory and the need to put solid defenses in place, defenses like the budget proviso that Senator Chip Campsen introduced last year to block the on-shore infrastructure associated with drilling, things like refineries and terminals.

Tune in to hear from U.S. Representative Joe Cunningham, our Energy and Climate Advocacy Director (Alan Hancock), grassroots group Stop Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic (Peg Howell), and the Executive Director of the South Carolina Environmental Law Project (Amy Armstrong).


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You can see all recordings from this series by clicking HERE! 

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