Friday, August 26, 2016 Doors open at 4:30pm

Amazing Fungi – The Dark Matter that Bounds All Life


Join mushroom expert Tradd Cotter, mycologist and founder of Mushroom Mountain, for a fascinating lecture on native plants and their fungal partners. In order to sustain life on this planet, a complex matrix of organisms has evolved to orchestrate the balance. Plants and fungi have merged and continue to unveil the benefits of collaborating with nature. We have a lot to learn from these relationships, and understanding the respect they have for each other can teach us more than just soil biology. Our native plant communities are communicating through their own internet, reaching out to other organisms to help repair the ecosystems that perpetuate life on this planet.

The lecture will be held in Room 101 in Duckett Auditorium at The Citadel.

After the event, make sure swing by the GrowFood Warehouse for the Third Annual Mushroom Gathering at 6pm.


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