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What’s next for Union Pier: Remaining hopeful amidst new ownership

by Emmi Palenbaum

Yesterday, on March 19, the Post & Courier reported that the Union Pier property is being sold to Charleston businessman Ben Navarro.

We are hopeful that this sale will be a positive development for the future of Union Pier and the City of Charleston. The Conservation League remains committed to ensuring that the new development will serve our city’s needs for resilient infrastructure and green open space.

We look forward to continuing to work with the City as they proceed with creating an urban waterfront district land use category, and to reviewing the Union Pier development plan as it moves forward. Through the community engagement process, the Charleston community has spoken clearly about their hopes and aspirations for this site. We appreciate the stewards of Union Pier, both past and present, for hearing the clarion call of Charlestonians seeking to bring the waterfront back to her people.

We have confidence that Union Pier can be a crown jewel that uniquely fits the setting of the surrounding Ansonborough neighborhood, and which honors the site’s ecological and human history of trial and triumph. The Conservation League’s focus for the future of this once-in-a-lifetime redevelopment remains the same as it always has, and we will continue to stand by and speak up for our residents as this new plan unfolds.

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