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TAKE ACTION: Positive Progress Toward Safer Streets

by Leslie Bogstad

Last week at City Council, we made positive progress toward a more safe, sustainable, and equitable transportation system in Charleston.

Members of City Council approved a resolution allocating $4m of necessary funding to the Ashley River Crossing and authorized Mayor Tecklenburg to submit a commitment letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Huge thanks to Mayor Tecklenburg and members of City Council for advancing this important project that will greatly improve safety and connectivity between West Ashley and the Peninsula. More folks commuting by bike or on foot means fewer cars on the road, helping cut traffic congestion and reducing emissions and pollution from auto fluids and tire particles.

Additionally, Mayor Tecklenburg provided an update on the Downtown Safety Improvements project, including the proposed bike lane on Lower King Street. We learned that the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is not interested in leaving Lower King Street the way it is currently designed. That’s good news! Because one thing we can all agree on is that Lower King Street is chaotic, and we MUST improve safety and functionality in this significant corridor.

SCDOT expressed a willingness to move forward with the other safety improvements for downtown streets while working with the City and stakeholders to chart the best path forward for Lower King Street. We appreciate SCDOT’s flexibility and dedication to making sure Lower King Street is safe, accessible, and as functional as possible for all road users.

This plan now needs to be captured in a draft agreement and approved by City Council. We will keep you posted as this process moves forward.

In the meantime, please reach out to members of City Council (find contact info here) and thank them for advancing the Ashley River Crossing and continuing to find the best path forward for all the people who utilize Lower King Street.

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