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Eddy’s Energy Tips: Home Energy

by Lily Abromeit

We all know summers in the Lowcountry can get really hot. However, with the warming planet, we are seeing record heat this summer, with this past July being the hottest on record. While we continue to fight the good fight to protect our coast and stop (and even reverse) the effects of climate change, there are some ways you can help conserve energy and stay cool. 

Our Energy Program Director, Eddy Moore, has shared some great ways to lower your home energy costs and keep things cool in your house.  

The best ways to conserve energy and, have better air conditioning, less humidity, and lower bills are to get a professional home energy audit and seal and insulate the home. 

Not only will your AC work less hard, but the home will be more comfortable. 

But did you know that energy conserving home improvements come along with tax credits? Federal home energy tax credits have gotten much better and no longer have a lifetime limit. Generally, you get 30% of the total cost of installation, up to a limit: 

  • Professional home energy audit: $150 tax credit 
  • Highly efficient new AC: 30% of cost, up to $600 
  • Solar, solar plus batteries, and EV charging upgrades: 30% credit 
  • Insulation and building envelope improvements such as sealing leaky ducts: 30% of cost, up to $1,200 
    • The $150 energy audit credit fits under the $1,200 annual cap 
  • New heat pump or new heat pump hot water heater (a new kind of electric water heater that also dehumidifies): Up to $2,000
    • So, building envelope plus new heat pump or heat pump water heater = $3,200 annual tax credit limit 

We hope these home energy tips help you stay cool and. keep your utility bills low!

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