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How To Contact Charleston County Council

by Lily Abromeit

Contact members of Charleston County Council

Herbert Ravenel Sass, III – Council Chair 843-766-7500 [email protected] 

Jenny Costa Honeycutt – Council Vice Chair 843-693-6447 [email protected] 

Larry Kobrovsky 843-955-8143 [email protected] 

Robert L. Wehram 843-958-4030 [email protected] 

Henry E. Darby 843-901-6793 [email protected] 

Teddie E. Pryor, Sr. 843-958-4030 [email protected] 

Kylon Jerome Middleton 843-325-4577 [email protected]

Brantley Moody 843-270-2483 [email protected]

Joe Boykin 843-214-0337 [email protected] 

Additionally, public comments can be sent to [email protected] 

Contact Us

[email protected] · 843.723.8035

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