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House Bill 4683: Shoreline Bill Headed to the House Floor

by Emily Cedzo

Thursday, February 15: After passing out of Subcommittee on Tuesday, the Full Committee significantly amended the bill to clarify and improve several sections. The bill will now move to the House floor.

  • Most importantly, the bill no longer seeks to undo the non-seaward baseline we fought so hard for in 2016. The 2012 baseline will stay in place and can never move more seaward — representing not only good beachfront management, but smart fiscal policy to protect SC taxpayers.
  • The bill no longer includes ambiguous language that broadens the definition of a primary dune or delays storm data collection. Both of these were originally difficult to interpret and would provide significant constraints for DHEC to administer.
  • The bill no longer includes language that asks DHEC to consider “long term commitments” to beach renourishment, as there is no way to scientifically account for future scenarios in methodology.
  • Please contact your Representative now to let them know you support the newly amended H. 4683. You can find their office line here or use our form to send an email.


Friday, February 9: We learned that the bill will be reviewed by a House Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee on Tuesday, February 13. 

  • If approved, H. 4683 will move to the full Committee for a vote as early as Thursday.

In its original form, H. 4683 rolled back the landmark 2016 Shoreline Management Bill and eliminated a baseline that would never move more seaward. It attempted to redefine a primary dune and prohibited surveying within two years of a storm. In doing so, H. 4683 originally incentivized risky development closer to active beach, limiting public use and access, and resulting in more expensive, more frequent nourishment and taxpayer bailouts. (By clicking on the bill number, you can view the original bill language or the newly amended version.)

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