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House Bill 3529: Plastic Bag Ban Ban Bill Headed to Senate Subcommittee

by Emily Cedzo

Thursday, February 15: The bill will head to a subcommittee of the Senate Labor, Commerce and Industry committee next.

Thursday, February 8: More press coverage

Wednesday, February 7: In a 73-41 vote, House Bill 3529 passed out of the House and will move on. We are ready to take the fight to protect home rule to the Senate.

You can read our full statement on the vote here.

You can see how your Representative voted on the bill today here.

Heard on the House floor today:

  • Rep. Cezar McKnight (D – Williamsburg): “Why are we getting away or trying to do away with home rule? Because that’s effectively what we’re doing. And it won’t just be the plastic bag people who are here this time. It’ll be another special interest group that’s here another time and another time and a time after that, until we’ve effectively done away with our county councils and our municipalities.”
  • Rep. William Cogswell (R – Charleston): “We on the coast don’t want this bill, and we think it’s a gross overreach by the state.”

Check out today’s reactions in the media:

House Bill 3529 is a violation of home rule, a legal provision in South Carolina that enables towns, cities and counties the right to self-govern. The bill would prevent local municipalities from addressing local problems like plastic pollution.


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